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All 300+ handouts unified with a color scheme that links all the information together (black for the root, blue for thirds, etc.) and intervals shown with consistent styling that makes them easy to grasp and recognize from concept to concept (roots are diamonds, perfect and major intervals are circles, and minor and diminished intervals are squares.)

 There are over 40 sheets covering an extensive range of chords including open chords; power chords; barre chords; slash chords; suspended chords; variations of major, minor, dominant, half-diminished, and fully-diminished seventh chords off of E, A, D, and G; and shapes commonly used in jazz. The teacher package includes 70+ individual, full-sheet diagrams of the most common chords so you can send your students exactly what they’re studying.

Use 50 sheets covering ten distinct Major and minor chord progressions to teach your students to transform their knowledge of chords into their own songs and backing tracks using roots, power chords, barre chords, and seventh chords. These musical progressions teach all naturally available chords in both Major and minor keys, building the foundation for students to create their own progressions.

Students will learn the fretboard using handouts that display the natural and chromatic notes and 30 technical sheets showing the patterns for intervals, triads, triad inversions, and arpeggios on the guitar for all qualities and strings. The arpeggio sheets also include various useful patterns that increase creative possibilities and fretboard understanding using two-string, three-string, and four-string patterns. Relationships between frets are introduced to aid in transposing and tuning. Natural harmonics up to the third octave are introduced as well.

Demonstrate how to read and learn useful, popular rhythms using strumming sheets that slowly introduce students to new symbols over five main sheets divided into eighth-note rhythms; half-note and quarter-note rhythms; tied and dotted rhythms; sixteenth-note rhythms; and quarter-note, eighth-note, and sixteenth-note triplet rhythms.

Each strumming sheet has five versions with single-note notation, notation using chords, notation and tab, tab with note stems, and slash rhythms to give you multiple options for communicating the concept of rhythmic notation to students. Supplemental sheets teach the basic concept of country strumming (root to fifth or root to third), as well as the concept of swing rhythm via a 12 bar blues. Every strumming example has an accompanying mp3 audio track.

Finally, there are 25 sheets teaching the 7 three-note-per-string patterns for the diatonic scale. The different sheets allow you to customize your teaching approach for each student. There are sheets for each individual pattern showing just the fingering; sheets for each individual pattern showing the roots for the Major and minor scales; and sheets that show all the patterns with labeled intervals.

Also included are sheets showing the fingering for the seven harmonic and melodic minor scale patterns; individual and comprehensive sheets for the pentatonic and blues scales; 7 two-page sets of all seven patterns with the intervals labeled for each mode; and handouts showing the difference between the pentatonic and diatonic scales and highlighting the notes of the pentatonic in their corresponding diatonic patterns.

Every pack also includes a few sheets detailing how to read the accompanying diagrams and a text document with some thoughts on learning or teaching the accompanying handouts.

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